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E is for Epi: Epidemiology basics for non-epidemiologistsE is for Epi

Updated in 2012, "E is for Epidemiology" is a five-part training series developed by UNC CPHP to introduce non-epidemiologists to the basic concepts of epidemiology, including:

  • Epidemiology in the Context of Public Health
  • An Epidemiologist's Toolkit
  • Descriptive and Analytic Epidemiology
  • Surveillance
  • Epidemiology Specialties Applied

View "E is for Epi" lectures online (and earn a certificate of completion)

Request a copy of the "E is for Epi" Facilitator's Guidebook with CD-ROM by contacting UNC CPHP at 919-843-5561 or cphp@unc.edu

Download the 2012 "E is for Epi" Facilitator's Guidebook (PDF)

Download materials from the 2012"E is for Epi" CD-ROM:

Session 1: Epidemiology in the Context of Public Health

Session 1 Overview (PDF)

Part 1: Epidemiology: A Basic Public Health Science

Part 2: The Practice of Epidemiology: An Overview

Optional Discussion Guide (PDF)

Session 2: An Epidemiologist’s Toolkit

Session 2 Overview (PDF)

Part 1: Epidemiology Tools and Methods

Part 2: Epidemiology Partners and Resources

Optional Discussion Guide (PDF)

Session 3: Descriptive and Analytic Epidemiology

Session 3 Overview (PDF)

Part 1: Descriptive Epidemiology

Part 2: Study Designs for Analytic Epidemiology

Part 3: Data Analysis Basics for Analytic Epidemiology

Optional Discussion Guide (PDF)

Session 4: Surveillance

Session 4 Overview (PDF)

Part 1: Introduction to Surveillance

Part 2: Federal Public Health Surveillance

Optional Discussion Guide (PDF)

Session 5: Epidemiology Applications

Session 5 Overview (PDF)

Part 1: Disaster and Environmental Epidemiology

Part 2: Forensic Epidemiology & Maternal and Child Health Epidemiology

Optional Discussion Guide (PDF)