Emergency Planning for At-Risk Groups: A Toolkit for Local Health Departments
toolkit .Stories
Bullet Crystal Coast Disaster Coalition
Bullet Vulnerable Populations Initiative
Bullet Special Needs Registry Program
Bullet Registry of Organizations that Serve Special Needs Populations
Bullet Web-Based Public Safety Portal
Bullet Preparedness Seminars for Special Medical Needs Registrants
Bullet Outreach to Migrant Farmworkers
Bullet Co-Located Human and Animal Shelters
Bullet Special Medical Needs Shelter Drill
Bullet Chemical Fire – Nursing Home Evacuation
Activites Tips
Bullet Collaborating with and Engaging At-Risk Populations
Bullet Identifying At-Risk Populations
Bullet Communicating with and Educating At-Risk Populations
Bullet Providing Services to At-Risk Populations
Bullet Exercising and Improving Preparedness of At-Risk Populations

Topic Spotlight

Bullet Engaging Community Partners
Bullet Reaching the “Hard to Reach”
Bullet Defining “At-Risk” Groups
Bullet Voluntary Registries
Bullet 2-1-1 Systems with United Way
Bullet Local Information Teams
Bullet Continuity of Operations Planning
Bullet Homeland Security Exercise and Evaluation Program
Activites Resources
Bullet "Emergency Planning for At-Risk Groups" (Customizable PPT for use with agencies)
Bullet "How to Prepare Yourself and Your Family for Disasters" (Customizable PPT for use with at-risk individuals)
Bullet North Carolina Groups Working with At-Risk Populations (PDF)
Bullet Local Information Teams Checklist (Word)
Bullet Browse All Resources



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